Refrigeration: How to identify common causes of refrigerator noise

Refrigeration: How to identify common causes of refrigerator noise

Has your refrigerator kept you at night with its different moods and groans? When you need instant relief from your noisy refrigerator there are some steps you can take. Follow these helpful tips from your local hardware store:

Locate the audio source - Does the noise come from the inside of the freezer or the refrigerators outside? Determining the range of noise comes from limiting the possible components that can cause the noise.

Troubleshooting - There are only a handful of parts in a refrigerator that usually causes noise. Once you have reduced the overall location of the sound, you can begin debugging different components to try to solve the problem. While some problems can easily be solved with minimal effort, others will require you to call a professional who is trained in refrigeration.

Noise inside the freezer

Noise that occurs inside the freezer can typically be attributed to the evaporator fan, which runs whenever the unit is cooled actively. If you notice a chirping, screaming or groaning sound that comes and goes (instead of being steady), there may be a problem with the fan engine. To find out, open the freezer door and hold the lamp / fan switch if there is one. If the sound gets harder with the door open you can be quite certain that the fan is the cause. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to repair the evaporator fan engine - you need to replace the part to solve the problem.

Noise from the back of the refrigerator

Most of the sounds you notice will come from the back of the fridge where most moving parts are located. If you have a self-freezing unit, the condenser fan is the first place you want to control. The condenser fan is located on the back of the refrigerator, often behind a thin panel. The fan can sometimes accumulate a build up of lint and other debris, causing a buzzing or clinging noise. You can try to solve the problem by removing the thin lid to access the fan and clean the blower of any debris with a soft brushed brush (old toothbrushes are good for this!). When the fan is free of dust or other material, replace the lid and replace the refrigerator. If you still have audio from the condenser fan after you have cleaned it, you may need to replace the part with a repair company.

If your refrigerator makes a mess or rinsing noise from the back, it may indicate a problem with the compressor. The compressor is placed in a football size at the back of the refrigerator, near the bottom of the device, and usually contains either black or copper tubes with different colored wires. The compressor is typically a sealed device, so it can not be replaced by a do-it-yourself selector. If you can isolate the problem with the compressor, you must contact a cooling technician to complete the job.

Noises from the bottom of the refrigerator

If you have noise coming from the bottom of your refrigerator, its likely to come from one of two places. The first, and easiest to solve, is rattling from a loose drainpane. To correct the problem, just secure the boiler properly in place to stop the noise. If it does not work, you may have a defrost timer problem. The defrost timer is located on the front of the device, behind the kick plate. This part is actually a heating element located on the evaporator coil and can not be repaired. If you experience problems with the defrost timer, you can also notice that frost occurs in the fridge or freezer. To replace this component, contact an experienced professional for installing the refrigerator repair part.

When should you contact a professional

If you complete the above steps and still can not determine where the problem comes from or if you need to replace a complicated part, such as compressor or defrost timer, please contact your

repair of local appliances. In addition to providing accurate troubleshooting and safe, reliable repair, most refrigerators also offer routine maintenance, which can help you avoid problems along the way. With help you can sleep peacefully without being interrupted by strange kitchen noise into the future.

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